Acorn-finished Whey-fed Pork Chops

Moxie Ridge Farm & Creamery

Acorn-finished Whey-fed Pork Chops

package of 2

whey-fed, acorn-finished, forest raised, non-GMO


Rustic cut bone-in pork chops, roughly 1.5 inches thick. With a deep, rich flavor packed with umami and a distinctly nutty finish, these chops are well-marbled and coloring ranges from pink to dark red, depending on the location of the cut. Cook quickly at high heat on a grill or in a pan. 

The Meat

Raised in the woods of Argyle, NY these pigs are crosses of the Hungarian Mangalitsa breed and American heritage breeds. Farmer and cheesemaker Lee Hennessy raises them from weaned piglets, feeding them fresh goat milk whey from the creamery every day along with a non-GMO grain grown just 8 miles from the farm. In the fall, they are finished on acorns and hickory nuts, borrowing from the Jamon Iberico tradition.