Delivery day for today's orders is Sunday 7/12

Add Beer to your Moxie Box

Get R.S. Taylor & Sons beer delivered for free along with your Moxie Box. 


R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery is a founding farm of Moxie Box and serves as our food hub in Hebron, NY. Owners Rich and Kelley Taylor grow hops and hemp on their 50-acre property and are making the farm brewery's classic English-style ales available at home to Moxie Box customers according to NY interim state laws and regulations.

To add beer to your Moxie Box order, click the button below to order through their website and be sure to enter the same delivery address  to have it delivered for free along with your Moxie Box. Customers that add beer to their deliveries must be present to show ID at delivery.

You can buy your Moxie Box before or after your beer, but you must have a Moxie Box order to get delivery. 

this will open a new window to the R.S. Taylor & Sons Brewery website